Things you should do before going to the airport

Flying stresses many and among so many things to do it is important to have a prior list of what we have to do before heading to the airport. Here are 8 things you should do before going to the airport to catch your flight.

1. Check the status of your flight

Currently checking the status of your flight is more important than ever. And it is that the airlines are modifying schedules and even flight days very frequently, so it is important that you are constantly checking the status of your flight and do not rely only on messages from your airline (sometimes they do not arrive). I recommend you check directly on the official app of the airline and on the official website. And, of course, when you arrive at the airport, check the flight status and schedule on the screens (even when you already have a boarding pass).

2. Check the airport terminal

Many airports in the world have more than one terminal, and sometimes these are far apart. Therefore it is important to verify which one is correct and go to it. Normally this information comes with your purchase, but if you have any doubts you can check at the airport itself.

The Mexico City airport has 2 terminals that are linked by an exclusive air train for passengers. You will also find paid buses (for all public) and taxis.

Travel tip. Don’t forget to check your airport either, many cities have more than one and they are usually very far from each other.

3. Prepare your luggage

Verify in your purchase how much luggage you are allowed to take so as not to have a surprise when you arrive at the counter of your airline. Measure and weigh your luggage to be sure that you comply with everything and in this way you will not have to pay more when you arrive.

Now, if for some reason you require more luggage, add it before going to the airport, from the airline’s website you can manage your reservation and add it. It’s cheaper than doing it at the airport.

4. Prepare your personal item

The personal item is that small item that all airlines allow passengers to carry, regardless of ticket type. It can be a small backpack, handbag, laptop bag or similar. It is very important that here you take everything that you will need during the flight and the most valuable objects: money, identification, computer, cell phone. Since even your hand luggage may be asked to go to the aircraft hold for space or health security issues, but the personal item will always be with you.

5. Don’t forget the medicines!

If you take any medication it is important that it go with you. Remember that checked bags can get lost or simply arrive after you, so if you need something, it’s better if it goes with you.

6. Check in online

If your airline allows it, check in online. Even if you have hold luggage you will save time. And if you travel only with hand luggage you can go directly to security.

7. Organize your arrival

Sometimes we focus so much on the departure flight that we don’t think about our arrival at the destination and on some trips it is even more important than the departure. The reason is simple, there are airports that are not very friendly to arriving travelers: high prices, few means of transportation, scammers looking for travelers, no internet, locations far from the city center.

My tips are:

  • Bring cash in local currency (or USD)
  • If the destination is complicated, previously agree that someone will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.

8. Verify your ID

Check that you have an official identification to fly. If it is an international trip, do not forget to verify visas and other immigration requirements.

9. Go to the airport on time

It is very important that you go to the airport with enough time, especially in cities where traffic can be complicated. Also be careful with shared transfers. Although they can be very useful to reduce expenses, sometimes they can take a long time because they pick up several passengers before going to the airport.

10. In times of Covid-19

  • And in times of a pandemic, don’t forget basic sanitary items such as face masks and disinfectant gel.
  • Also, do not forget to fill out any form or extra requirement that they may request.
  • Remember that you can go through extra sanitary filters, so it is important to go with as much time as possible.

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