Safety rules for air travel

The restrictions established in 2020 also affected air travel. The rules for using airport facilities and the rules of conduct for passengers on planes are no longer what they used to be, so we put together the basic rules for anyone who wants to travel in one place.

Safety measures related to flights

In order to maintain the safety of the passengers as well as the crew both at the airport and on the plane, it is mandatory to obey the recommendations of the civil aviation and health authorities.

We must not forget that the use of facilities and services at airports is currently restricted. For example, only passengers can access the terminals. In addition, there is a possibility that people who visit the airport but are not passengers cannot even access the airport facilities, so the arrival of the plane may not be possible either. It is recommended that passengers arriving at the airport leave the terminals and the arrivals hall as soon as possible. Health and state authorities recommend traveling alone, with people you live with or with people you spend a lot of time with. What other aspects must be taken into account when planning a trip and what othersafety rules must be followed at the airport and on the plane?

Before the trip:

  • Buy your plane ticket and check-in online.
  • Fill in the health declaration required by your airline.
  • Limit your luggage.
  • If possible, take only hand luggage.
  • Cover your mouth, nose and sanitize your hands at the airport.
  • Keep a safety distance of 1.5 m from other people.
  • Before entering your terminal, check your body temperature.

On the plane:

  • Follow the crew’s recommendations.
  • Wear a protective face mask (if your flight is long-haul, change it every 4 hours) and disinfect your hands.
  • Before landing, fill out the Passenger Locator Form and give it to the crew.
  • Use the plane’s service as little as possible (hot meals are not currently offered, however passengers can purchase separately packaged drinks and snacks).
  • Pay with your credit or debit card (thus avoiding cash).
  • Some airlines ask their passengers to place their orders online before the flight.
  • Don’t move around the cabin unless you have to.

After landing:

  • Wear a face shield and sanitize your hands.
  • Keep a safety distance of 1.5 m from other people.
  • Follow the instructions of the airport staff.
  • Exit the terminal without undue delay after baggage claim and security check.

Airlines and airports are working closely together to protect passengers and their staff from coronavirus. All airport facilities and aircraft are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Passengers have disinfectants installed in various areas of the airport that they can freely use. They can also buy face shields. Cabin crew and members of the airport services also have self-protection measures. Before the flight, keep up with the airline’s announcements and follow their recommendations.

Is it safe to travel by plane right now?

A study carried out by scientists at the Institute for Medical Virology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt has confirmed that air travel is one of the safest ways to travel during a pandemic. This is due to the use of efficient HEPA air filters on airplanes. However, this means of transport is also safe thanks to the monitoring of the new security regulations as well as the recommendations of the cabin crew by the passengers.

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