Most beautiful airport in the world

Doha Hamad International Airport is considered the most beautiful airport in the world, ranking first in a selection of the best airports.

We love to travel and many times taking luggage and going to new places implies using different means of transport, including the plane. Previously we had told you about what is the largest plane in the world. And it is that this transport has become the day to day of many and therefore also those places where you have to go to pick them up: airports.

These places are no longer just a mere tool to gain access to flights, but are considered an area for recreation, leisure, gastronomy, etc. For this reason, the degree of importance and beauty of these places is increasing more and more. That is why, exactly 23 years ago, in 1999, an event began to be held where airports around the world were awarded for different reasons. We are talking about The World Airport Awards, carried out by the Skytrax consultancy that analyzes the quality of airports. In these awards there are a series of categories but the most prominent and for which all airports fight is the Best Airports in the World.

Here, the ranking consists of 10 airports from different corners of the world such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc. However, in this article we are going to introduce you to the best airport in the world according to these awards: Doha Hamad International Airport. Described by awards analysts as “The most architecturally significant terminal in the world.” That is why it is considered the best airport in the world and the most beautiful.

This airport is located in the city of Qatar. It was designed in 2003 with the aim of dealing with the problem of the amount of traffic at the previous airport. The construction was carried out a year later until its last phase that took place in 2015.

The wide range of itinerary possibilities that the airport has stands out, including places like New Zealand, Brazil, the United States or even Spain. In addition, it must be taken into account that this airport is expanding its services more and more due to the imminent World Cup in 2022.

Airport facilities

The airport has a hotel in case unforeseen events arise and you have to stay to rest in the vicinity of the place. But apart from that, this place enjoys an infinity of tourist attractions such as the ‘Untitled Lamp Bear’ sculpture that impresses with its great height and for being a symbol of childhood and home.

Another thing that you can appreciate if you visit this airport are the duty-free shops, with at least a hundred stores where you can spend the whole day walking around and admiring different types of products, many of them luxury. In addition, you can stop to rest in its many cafeterias or restaurants. The most curious thing is that the Qatar airline (Qatar Airways) has its own products and therefore they also have a store where they sell only these.

More exclusive surroundings

If you go to this place, you cannot miss visiting what is the most elegant and luxurious room in the airport where we can find decoration that transports us directly to a museum. This is due to the objects and paintings that are in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. In this very exclusive room you can go shopping, relax in its armchairs, eat or even, surprisingly, you can give yourself a massage in its SPA, although you must pay a price of around 35 euros.

In addition, for those who travel for business, they can go through the rooms that are dedicated to work, equipped with computers and chargers or even visit the Al Safwa room, where you can be with other executives.

Pool and gym

One of the things that most attract the attention of travelers is that this airport has facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym. The pool is a 25 square meter raft with the most elegant aesthetics. In addition to this, you can stop by its golf simulator and a squash court. However, to be able to enjoy these facilities you have to stay at the airport hotel (with the exception of the spa, the goal simulator and the squash).

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