How do I enter the airport VIP lounges?

What are airport VIP lounges? How can I enter a VIP room when I am going to fly? There are different options and you do not have to be rich or travel first class to have this privilege, so here I explain.

What is a VIP room?

Airport VIP lounges are exclusive places to wait for your flight with comfort and more privacy. They usually belong to airlines, credit cards or some company. Most of them offer high-speed internet, areas to work, areas even to sleep, shower and SPA services, as well as drinks and food. Although the services vary in each one, so while some may surprise you with their services, others may disappoint you.

How do I enter the airport VIP lounges?

Credit card

Credit cards are usually one of the easiest ways to access a VIP room. Banks such as Banamex, HSBC or American Express have their own VIP lounges at airports and give access to some of their clients. For their part, cards belonging to Mastercard (regardless of the bank) can also give access to hundreds of VIP lounges in the world through the Mastercard Lounge Key program.

Business or First class tickets

Having a Business class or First class ticket can also give you access to the corresponding lounges. So ask if you will have this privilege while you wait for your trip.

Memberships to access VIP Rooms

There are also memberships that allow you to enter the VIP rooms. The Priority Pass Card is one of the best known and gives access to more than 1,200 waiting rooms in airports in 130 countries.

Pay a pass

Certain waiting rooms allow you to pay for admission and this starts at USD 30, although it varies. Not all rooms have this form of entry but you lose nothing by approaching and asking. When layovers are long it can be very convenient.

Travel insurance customers with delayed flights

Some travel insurances also allow access to VIP lounges when your flight is delayed for a few hours. This is stated in your policy.

It is mandatory to travel with insurance

Insurance is an essential requirement to travel to many countries in the world such as those in the Schengen Area.

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