7 things to do at an airport while you wait

The wait to board a flight at an airport can be, in many cases, a couple of hours. It is for this reason that here we give you some options that can be useful and without spending money.

Things you can do at an airport while you wait

1. Write or draw

There are things that seem obvious to us and we overlook them, so we ignore them and kill our heads looking for other options. Writing or drawing can help you relax and make waiting less boring.

In that waiting time it can be very appropriate to make a list of all the places you want to visit. On the other hand, if you come back, this may be the ideal time to write the best anecdotes of your trips so you don’t forget them.

2. Watch series or movies

Now several streaming platforms allow you to download movies and series for those cases in which you do not have WiFi. So, if you have a long layover ahead of you, make yourself comfortable, take out your headphones and play that movie that you left in the middle or finish the pending season of your favorite series.

3. Read

Something very common in airports is to find a bookstore. These always get you out of trouble for those moments when you have nothing to do. Since, you can find a good book or magazine.

Another option is that you can take that novel that you want to read or that you have been determined to finish for a long time. You will see that time goes by very quickly, without forgetting all the benefits that a good read leaves you.

4. Browse the Internet

Most airports have free internet connection, why not take advantage of the time to search for the best places in the destination you will visit. However, if you are coming back, start researching new cities you can go to on your next trip. The options are endless.

Also, this is an excellent time to clean up your images or email on your cell phone.

5. Have some coffee

Among so many places to be found at the airport, there will surely be some where you can sit down for a moment to have a coffee or some tea, this will relax you while you wait. Many people sit down to watch television (if there is one), talk about life, how boring it is to wait at an airport, or simply to check the phone.

So if they can do that, why can’t you? Sit quiet and take it easy. In the end, if you have to wait, can it be better than coffee? Any!

6. Meet new people

You may not be the most outgoing person, but why not try talking to new people. A good talk can make time fly by and you don’t even realize that two hours went by like water. You never know and maybe you have a new friend you can go visit later, or just have a chat that saved you from boredom.

Many people have found love in an airport lounge.

7. Visit Duty Free

Duty free are duty-free retail stores. They are generally found in the international area of airports. Here it is possible that you will find very good discounts or more accessible prices. So, if your flight is international, take a tour.

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