Fastest Jet in the World

World fastest Plane

The fastest plane in the world: a beast that was able to fly at three times the speed of sound When we travel by plane we go quite (but quite fast). For example, the Boeing 737-800, which is the one used by Ryanair, is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 946 km/h . Not bad, especially if we … Read more

Typical questions asked at the airport to enter Europe

If you are traveling to Europe from a country that does not belong to the European Community and your nationality is not European, you will have to go through security controls. There are usually several ticket offices dedicated to Non-EU citizens. They usually do a passport control (validity, visa, etc.), they control the ticket, the … Read more

Customs and Passport Control at New York airports

How is security control at the New York airport? What will they ask me and how long will it take me to pass it? This is one of the issues that most worries travelers. So that you know what to expect, today we will tell you step by step what customs and security control are … Read more

How Early to Arrive at Airport

On a domestic flight, it is advisable to be between 60 and 90 minutes before, depending on the luggage, but this is not the only factor to take into account. If you are going to take a long flight, it is better that you go 2 or 3 hours in advance since check-in and the … Read more

Steps For Getting Around Airport

Get to know some tips to avoid getting lost in an airport; whether you have traveled and more or less know how to function within these environments or if it is the first time you venture alone. Find out how you can avoid getting lost in these large facilities and get to the boarding gate … Read more

What Items are Allowed and Not Allowed on Airplane?

For security reasons, international regulations determine which items are prohibited in air transport. In addition, there are items that can only be transported in the hold and cannot be transported on the plane as Hand Luggage. The rules for transporting different types of items may also vary depending on the airline and the country for … Read more

Tips that will help to protect luggage at airport

The safety of our luggage is something that worries us when we are going to travel or when we are back home with purchases and souvenirs. Not surprisingly, the loss or misplacement of suitcases is frequent and, unfortunately, also the theft of the most valuable of its contents, when we check them in. That is … Read more

How do I enter the airport VIP lounges?

What are airport VIP lounges? How can I enter a VIP room when I am going to fly? There are different options and you do not have to be rich or travel first class to have this privilege, so here I explain. What is a VIP room? Airport VIP lounges are exclusive places to wait … Read more